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Hamilton County Councilman

fred glynn

Why You Should Join Race for the Cure After the Pandemic

Back in the ‘80s, Terry Fox made worldwide news by embarking on an east to west Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research after he lost his leg to the sickness.  He was a pioneer to what has been a very successful means of generating funds and awareness for humanitarian groups and…
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Items You Don’t Need to Bring When Hiking in a State Park

When you really think about it, hiking and backpacking have a lot in common. You can go for an unplanned hike and still enjoy it. You can do it alone or with a buddy. And when it comes to packing, every ounce matters. This is why packing lists are essential to both activities. When you…
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fred glynn talks about being a successful insurance agent

Must-Have Skills to be a Successful Insurance Agent

The world of sales is tough. Besides factors like the local economy affecting product prices and a customer’s capability to spend money, sales personnel also have to compete with other people and other products as well. One of the toughest items to sell in America is insurance. Regardless if it’s for yourself, your car, or…
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fred glynn helping small business owners

Start Strong: Helpful Tips for New Business Owners

No matter the economic climate, establishing a new business is always challenging. But as those who have reached success can say, it takes a lot of time and effort.  Hamilton County councilman and businessman Fred Glynn has built two companies from scratch that went on to become growing and profitable ventures. In the process, he also established…
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