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How Fred Glynn Lets His Work Speak for Itself

When Loan Officer Fred Glynn was elected in 2014, he made sure the minority for fiscal restraint would be heard as he successfully swung them into the majority. Currently representing a few parts of Carmel and Fishers in District 1 as the taxpayer guardian, Glynn seeks to continue what he has been doing.

.He also firmly believed when he got in office that commissioners and mayors were spending too much. Take for instance the downing of the $3 million fire and police training campus proposal which was supported by commissioners and mayors, in which Glynn played a huge role. He stood firm in his belief that funding of fire departments was outside the county’s core functions. It was also publicly stated by the Mayor of Carmel that they had all the fire training that they needed, and this project was not necessary.

Another huge project in which Glynn and his allies helped save money from was the $13.1 million proposal to add an additional cell block in the country jail, which commissioners believed will be full in about a decade or so.  The county saved $4.5 million thanks to Glynn and other fiscal conservatives who noted that in the future, there is a possibility that guidelines would change to allow petty criminals to serve their time at home.

As his supporters have said, Fred Glynn has time and again proven himself to be a true conservative, who is reliable and dependable, with an unwavering faith in his principles. It has become quite a revelation really, since public servants like him are in the vast minority. This is most evident in how he is funded. Fred Glynn is mostly funded by small donations. He has never received financial support from vendors who have done business with the county or any of its municipalities. 

And truth be told, Fred Glynn has supported many projects in Carmel and Fishers. In fact, he has voted to fund new parks like the Koteewi archery range; support public safety by approving an $8 million expansion of the county jail to support population growth; and improve key county infrastructure projects like the Keystone Parkway Flyover.

Glynn’s approach has allowed taxes on county residents to stay level. One of his trademarks is to focus on government waste as he continues to refuse funding for unnecessary environmental projects, vote to halt financial support to entities that do not perform government functions, and block any county contracts from being awarded to political insiders and special interests.