Hamilton County Councilman

Fred Glynn is a Councilman at the Hamilton County Council, representing District 1, and currently a candidate for State Representative.  He is also a leader in business, finance, and community service.  As a businessman, he has over 15 years of success in selling and managing businesses involved in the banking, insurance, and mortgage industries. 

As a businessman and leader in the community, Fred Glynn is self-motivated with a record of achieving sales quota over 90% of the time, even during downturns in the economy.  Prior to his position in the council, he has built two companies from scratch that became growing and profitable businesses, as well as built new business and drove established brands into market leadership.  He has also shown excellent organizational skills balancing a successful sales career with political activity that established name recognition that became helpful in prospecting for clients.  

As a leader practicing fiscal conservatism, Hamilton City councilman Fred Glynn believes in prioritizing people first.  He applies his finance and business expertise in preparing county budgets, tax rates, salaries, and approving requested appropriations.  Fred has also opposed increasing taxes, because he knows that there are less burdensome ways to fund the needs of the community.  As a councilman with over six years of experience, he has always worked toward low taxes, reduced government spending, and minimal government debt that will ease the burden of the people. 

Taking on the role of a policy leader for small businesses, Hamilton City Councilman Fred Glynn formed an organization teaming successful attorneys, accountants, and small business owners to craft inaugural small business start-up policy for a major governors’ campaign.  He is also one of the most successful county coordinators and project leaders that helped elect a candidate for Governor of Indiana.  He was selected to spearhead efforts as part of the Indiana Governors’ Campaign in one of the most critical counties in Indiana.  He brought together business professionals and small business owners to craft the governors’ small business startup policy.  As part of the team, he researched and drafted a list of regulations that, if eliminated, would make Indiana more entrepreneur-friendly with minimal risk or damage to the economy.  Fred also met with influential business leaders to generate reform ideas to the Indiana Tax Code that would stimulate the economy.

To truly know what his constituents need, Fred Glynn Initiates and maintains relationships with community leaders and residents.  He believes interacting and listening to the people are some of the best ways to serve them.  Prioritizing people will allow leaders like him to find better ways that will lead not only to good governance, but also to a better quality of life.