Must-Have Skills to be a Successful Insurance Agent

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Must-Have Skills to be a Successful Insurance Agent

fred glynn talks about being a successful insurance agent

The world of sales is tough. Besides factors like the local economy affecting product prices and a customer’s capability to spend money, sales personnel also have to compete with other people and other products as well. One of the toughest items to sell in America is insurance. Regardless if it’s for yourself, your car, or your mortgage, insurance is harder to sell than most physical products.

Insurance manager Fred Glynn says that insurance not being tangible makes it more difficult to sell as a product. This is why insurance agents need to have certain skills to give them an edge to be able to properly communicate what their product is and why people should buy them. Here are a few must-have skills to be a successful insurance agent.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude works best if you believe in what you do and the product you sell.  A greenhorn insurance agent could sell car insurance by using “what-if” scenarios which often rely on fear tactics.  A positive insurance agent would use the language of the product itself and would sell it as a shield or safety net if something bad were ever to happen.  Fred Glynn claims that an insurance salesman who has a positive attitude will feel the same about their work or product no matter how many times they are turned down by leads.


Knowing what to say and how to say it is just half of what communication is.  The other half, the more important one, is listening.  A good insurance agent doesn’t just have a way with words. They should also know the pain points of their lead, depending on what they say and what you think they need. Fred Glynn believes that the sale of insurance is a collaborative effort which makes it different from other types of sales.  As good as an insurance is when it comes to product description, policies, and numbers, being good at communication helps bridge the gap between customer and insurance agent quite rapidly.

Customer Service

Proper customer service is all about being there for your clients and having your expertise available for them to seek any time. An insurance agent could use more of their time to talk to more people and play the numbers, but a successful agent won’t leave a possible customer without them knowing and understanding all their options and be comfortable with their choices. According to Fred Glynn, putting in extra effort to convert your customers into a community you serve is exactly what the industry needs.