State Road 37

Hamilton County Councilman

S.R. 37 Project News: Hamilton County Council approves the Use of $12M

Council member Fred Glynn notes that Hamilton County Council unanimously approved $12 million in funding for the overhaul of State Road 37.

The entire project cost $124 million and would transform the state highway into a free-flowing parkway with raised roundabout interchanges from 126th to 146th streets.  It will take a few years, however, before construction starts.  Fishers has already committed $12 million to the proposal, and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will provide $100 million.  And while Fishers will be in control of the corridor for the construction duration, the state would take over once the project is completed.

For many experts and local officials, this is the best thing for businesses and residents. They will be able to voice their concerns to Fishers representatives rather than INDOT.

Hamilton County Council considered to delay the vote on the funding but are pledging support to fund a marketing campaign for businesses.  This swayed the decision to vote according to council president Amy Massillamany, who believes that the council had done its due diligence.

Council member Fred Glynn has recommended that the Fishers and the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners create a marketing plan to help businesses in the vicinity that will be affected during construction.

The said plan commits support to fund half of any marketing contract with the amount not to exceed $250,000.  The resolution passed unanimously prior to the S.R. 37 funding vote.

Any marketing contract would have to be initiated by Fishers.  Mayor Scott Fadness supports the idea.

Before the vote, Hamilton County Council held a public hearing on the S.R. 37 funding request in which Mayor Fadness, Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear, and a handful of other city and county elected officials made it clear that they were in favor of the project.  

However, several business owners and representatives along the congested corridor voiced their disagreement with the proposed overhaul.  These owners appealed to the council to search for other solutions.  They also criticized Fishers for not contacting all of the business owners.

Mayor Fadness met these business owners by saying the city has reached out to Honda and will continue to do so.  Fishers plans to contract with RQAW Consulting Engineers & Architects to provide a single contact person for businesses.

Fred Glynn also addressed concerns about alternatives, making it clear that the county council cannot change the project’s details, only the funding.

Hamilton County Council member Fred Glynn is also a running enthusiast. He firmly believes in the health benefits provided by running and jogging. He also loves the outdoors, especially those in Indiana.  For more on Mr. Glynn, visit this page.