Why You Should Join Race for the Cure After the Pandemic

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Why You Should Join Race for the Cure After the Pandemic

fred glynn

Back in the ‘80s, Terry Fox made worldwide news by embarking on an east to west Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research after he lost his leg to the sickness.  He was a pioneer to what has been a very successful means of generating funds and awareness for humanitarian groups and similar causes.  And while most events are canceled nowadays because of the outbreak of COVID-19, you could train at home or at a local park and be ready for the next run that comes your way.  And if you want to participate, advocates like Fred Glynn suggests you join the Race for the Cure.

Race for the Cure is an educational and fundraising event for breast cancer. Created by Susan J. Komen, Race for the Cure is a series of 5k runs and fitness walks which significantly funds breast cancer research, boosts awareness, celebrates breast cancer survivors, as well as honors those who lost their lives to the disease. Fred Glynn gives his reasons why we all should join Race for the Cure.

Susan Has Made it Easier for You to Join

Susan Komen’s website promotes her projects More than Pink and Race for the Cure.  It also has an option where you can look for breast cancer events in your locale. This makes it easier for people to know what’s going on and set their calendar.  You can also see in the website if there’s a Race for the Cure leg in your area.

It’s a Win-Win Situation

Chances are, you could already be doing physical activities in order to keep yourself healthy.  Now, imagine the same jogging routine you have and at the end of your run, you’ve not only raised money to fund cancer research, you’ve also celebrated the brave women who are fighting one of the most common cancers on earth.

2020 Has Been a Bad Year

You don’t need to be an ancient Egyptian seer to tell how bad 2020 has been so far. While businesses have been shut down across the country, so have events like Race for the Cure. According to Fred Glynn, the pandemic has curtailed thousands, if not millions of dollars, to research institutes for breast cancer. So, once COVID-19 has been dealt with, let’s all head out, support, and join campaigns like Race for the Cure.