Fred Glynn is a Hamilton County Council Member running for State Representative.

He is also a leader in business, finance, and community service. He has over 15 years of success in selling and managing businesses and will bring these skills to state government. 


When Fred moved to the city in 2002, he was tapped by the Carmel Young Republicans as an up and coming politician.

He served as the Hamilton County Coordinator for Vice President Mike Pence’s then-gubernatorial campaign in 2012. When a seat opened on the County Council, he was ready to run for an elected office himself.


Fred Glynn has time and again proven himself to be a true blue conservative, who is reliable with an unwavering faith in his principles.

When he was elected in 2014, he made sure the minority for fiscal restraint would be heard as he successfully swung them into the majority.


Glynn has supported a number of the County’s projects he deems to be essential government work.

Fred Glynn explains the plain and simple truth that this stabilization fund, which is an investment in the community in a time of crisis, is only made possible because the county government itself has been managed in a “fiscally responsible manner.”

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