Fred Glynn

For Mayor of Carmel
A Mayor For Taxpayers, Not Tax Spenders
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A people oriented vision

Fred Glynn speaking with voters

“The city of Carmel means so much to me, and it has been a great place to live and raise our family. Carmel is a great community because of the people that choose to live, work, and play here. My vision for the future of Carmel will revolve around those people as well as attracting more great people to our city.” - Fred Glynn

Fred Glynn speaking with residents

Fred Glynn is Running for Mayor of Carmel … Fred is a leader in business, finance, and community service. With over 15 years of success in selling and managing businesses, Fred is prepared to bring his skills and knowledge to better the community he calls home.

Evening in Carmel, Indiana

When Fred moved to the city in 2002, he was tapped by the Carmel Young Republicans as an up-and-coming politician. When a seat opened on the County Council, he was ready to run for an elected office himself.

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Fred Glynn has time and time again proven himself to be an authentic, commonsense fiscal conservative who is reliable with unwavering principles. When he was elected in 2014, he made sure the minority party’s call for fiscal restraint would be heard as he successfully swung them into the majority.