Fred Glynn and his wife

Fred Glynn

Fred Glynn and his family

I’ve been blessed to be married to my wife, Beth, for 18 years. We have a teenage daughter — as well as two dogs named Bailey and Thor. We are members of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church. My biggest achievement, without question, is my family.

I achieved my bachelor’s degree in Aviation Business from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I currently work as a Mortgage Banker helping individuals and families achieve their dreams of home ownership.

In 2014, I ran for Hamilton County Council. I ran to bring leadership and accountability to Hamilton County — which I’ve done, despite push back from members of my own party. I analyze every proposal that comes before me to see whether it represents a good use of the tax dollars my constituents worked hard to bring home.

I don’t make decisions based on what politicians want, I make decisions based upon the long-term interests of our community. Looking at our local community, state, and country, I see that now, more than ever, we need new leadership and fresh thinking for our future. I share a desire with my neighbors to ensure our district remains safe and our community maintains freedom.

My Record

Promises Made, Promises Kept

  • During my time on the Hamilton County Council, I have worked to improve county government and insisted on balanced budgets — proving good government and fiscal responsibility aren’t mutually exclusive. We were able to make improvements to Hamilton County infrastructure, public safety, and recreation while sticking to fiscally responsible principles.
  • As a Councilman, I’ve helped fund the Keystone Parkway flyover and new recreational sites like Koteewi Archery Range. I’ve also steadfastly supported our Sheriff’s Office and the brave work they do every day. These improvements came while maintaining a fiscal outlook that few counties share. Hamilton County is the only AAA bond rated county in the state and has the lowest tax rate.
  • Every year I’ve sat on the council, we passed a truly balanced budget, ensuring that we remain the most fiscally sound county in Indiana. I made a promise to the voters in my district that I would not raise taxes or go into debt — and we didn’t.
  • I’m not afraid to make waves when necessary to protect the citizens in my district. I have repeatedly refused to entertain tax increases and have fought to keep the county’s budget in the black. I have also fought against special interests and party insiders when I knew they were against the best interests of my district’s residents. I will do the same as your next State Representative.