Fred Glynn and his wife

Fred Glynn


Ready to Represent Us in the Indiana House of Representatives

  • Support our law enforcement officers
  • End needless government regulations
  • Address the mental health crisis
  • Protect our individual rights


The pandemic has brought many issues to light that we had too often overlooked. Fred will work to get schools back to focusing on education instead of political activism. Fred will always support school choice and parental rights in education.

Fiscal Responsibility

As County Councilman, Fred has always fought for fiscal responsibility when it comes to our tax dollars. As a result, Hamilton County has the lowest county tax rate and the only AAA bond rating in the state. He will apply these same fiscally sound principles at the Statehouse. Fred is prepared to continue cutting taxes and stopping overregulation by the government.

Public Safety

In Hamilton County, Fred strongly supports the Sheriff’s Department and has ensured it has what it needs to keep us safe. He will do the same on the state level and prevent corrosive movements, like “Defund the Police,” from taking hold in our state and putting us in danger. Fred will continue to proudly stand alongside our law enforcement officers.

Property Tax Assessments

Over the past few years property tax assessments have gotten out of control. Although tax rates are capped at one percent the assessed values increasing by 15, 20, and 25% per year has caused property taxes to skyrocket. Combine this with the out of control inflation we are seeing this becomes problematic. Currently, we have retirees in danger of losing their homes because of this issue. At the statehouse, I will work to find ways to curb these excessive increases to help keep citizens from losing their homes.