Fred Glynn speaking with residents of Carmel

Fred Glynn

Commonsense Leader Standing Up for Taxpayers

Ready to Make Changes in Carmel

  • Fiscal Responsibility - Pay down the debt to keep taxes low, borrowing affordable, and not pass these obligations to our children. Just like when I was in county government, I will work to bring Carmel to a AAA bond rating from the AA it is now.
  • Responsible Development - Stop overdevelopment that leads to excessive city debt. Stop the push for population density that puts a strain on our schools and infrastructure.
  • Neighborhoods - Focus on preserving our neighborhoods for the long-term resiliency of our city.
Fred Glynn and his family
Attracting business

Fred will work to grow the economy by promoting our educated and capable workforce, quality of life, and proximity to many extracurricular activities.

Ethics and Transparency

Politicians shouldn’t receive special treatment. That’s why Fred will continue to hold himself to the same standards as us and do what is expected from him as a leader in our community.

Fred Glynn speaking with residents of Carmel
Fiscal Responsibility

Fred will make sure that we focus on priority-based budgeting, fiscally responsible spending, and paying down debt to get our budgeting back on track.

Term Limits

Politicians have put themselves before the people for too long. Fred pledges to stay in office for no more than 3 terms because 12 years is enough time to make a difference.

Fred Glynn speaking with voter in Carmel
Serving the City and Businesses

To make our city thrive, Fred will stop the property giveaways and make Carmel friendlier for small businesses, not just focusing on downtown development.

Better Infrastructure

It’s time that we act frugal and practical so that we maintain and improve infrastructure today and for years to come.

Ending Mayoral Pay Raises

Upon being sworn in, Fred will put a stop to the practice of increasing mayoral pay.