Hamilton County Councilman


The pandemic has brought many issues to light that citizen’s have tended to overlook. One issue is what is happening in our schools. We need to get back to teaching children how to succeed and remove social justice agendas from our schools. We also should not be forcing our children to wear mask when most adults have stopped wearing them in crowds and indoor spaces. Our children are at an extremely low risk of hospitalization and need to be able to enjoy their youth free from burdensome restrictions. Parents need to be involved in decision making and always kept informed about curriculum.

Vaccine Mandates

You can be pro vaccine while being against mandates. As a County Councilman I have been very supportive of our Health and Emergency Management departments making vaccines available to all citizens that wanted them. While I support making them available, I do not support them being mandated. As your next State Representative, I will sponsor and support legislation that prohibits this practice.

Fiscal Responsibility

As your County Councilman I have always fought for fiscal responsibility when it comes to your tax dollars. As a result, Hamilton County has the lowest tax rate in our county and is the only AAA bond rated county in the state. I will apply these same principles at the Statehouse as your next State Representative.

Public Safety

In Hamilton County I have always supported our Sheriffs Department and made sure they have what they need to keep you safe. I will do the same on the state level and prevent corrosive movements like defund the Police from taking hold in our state.

Pro Life

I believe that life begins at conception and as your next State Representative I will always support this type of legislation.

Federal Government

Citizens pay a large amount of money in taxes to the federal government. In many cases, to get some of this money back, the federal government will attach strings to control what the states do when it comes to regulations and school policy. This is one of the ways that the federal government has usurped states rights over the past several decades. As your next State Representative I will work to put a stop to this practice.